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Nifty Trading is a science. 

It requires objectivity, right method, patience and equanimity to be successful.

Please watch this video at least five times and then proceed to study this website thoroughly.



There are two kinds of players in the stock market: Smart Players and Dumb Players (some call them smart money and dumb money also). Did you watch how Lionel Messi mesmerizes his opponents to score his goals? This is what Smart players are doing all the time. They create moves in order to catch Dumb players on the wrong foot so that they can achieve their goal of making profit in the market.


You must have wondered why your Stop Losses got triggered most of the times and why you have not been successful in the market. The reason was very simple: You got caught in the traps that Smart Money laid for you. They made you believe that market would go up and then the fall came and vice versa. You did not understand that there were players much smarter than you who were trying to dodge you as Messi dodges his rivals to score his goals.


The purpose of Divine Grace System Nifty Trading Course is to make you understand how these traps are planned and executed and how you can dodge the dodgers themselves. In Divine Grace System, you will learn that there are two main requirements  for making good profit in the market: ‘PATIENCE and RIGHT METHOD‘. If you have them, there is high probability that you will be successful.

If you want to do a consistently profitable work in share market, you have to have the answers to the following questions:

Do I trade with a mindset of making profit within a few minutes, or hours, or days or do I have a long term plan of at least five years?

If you insist that you have to be a short term trader only, you will surely miss the subtle nuances of long term and your mind will constantly get into the grip of greed and fear.

Do I want consistent returns of 2-10 percent of my capital per month or do I want to become a millionaire / billionaire overnight? Do I consider the stock market as a casino where I go to gamble?

If you think that the market will make you very very rich overnight, you are in for creating a lot of misery for yourself as well as your family. But if want consistent rational returns, there is no work better than this one.
If you are the one who believes in gaining unlimited profit in a short time, you have come to a wrong website. Please close it and go somewhere else. But if you are the one who wants to get consistent returns of 2-10 percent per month and who wants to have a long term vision, then Divine Grace System can be a life changing decision for you.

Do I believe that the market runs automatically on fundamentals economic and political or do I understand that it is being run by human greed?

Please make yourself think about it. The charts that you see forming cannot be created without the intervention of human mind. There has to be a big operator who works behind the scenes. If we can devise a way to know his holdings, we can be great winners in this market.

In this course, you will get the following knowledge:

  1. You will understand how human greed has been responsible for all your losses thus far. You will also understand how you can be very careful the next time.

  2. You will comprehend the crafty moves of the operators and get to know their positions in Nifty Futures.

  3. You will understand that you cannot get good trades every day. If you get 2 to 5 of them per month, consider yourself lucky.

  4.  You will start appreciating the importance of discipline. Normally, it is the indiscipline and impulsiveness that can cause big losses.

  5.  You will learn to trade profitably in Nifty Options. The advantage of Options is that your losses get limited and gains become unlimited.

  6.  You will understand how to correlate the fluctuations in price with those in volumes.

  7.  You will learn to use Tick Candles and Day Candles together. These are the only two time frames that are of significance in the Stock Market. You will learn that the periods of 5-10-60 minutes or one week-one month etc. are all useless in trading.

  8.  You will learn that day trading with SLs can be a very scary proposition for your hard earned money. You will comprehend that you should always wait for the next-day opening before taking a long-term trade. You will see that the opening of the day is the most important point for trading. The closing, high, low etc. are all secondary parameters.

  9. You will see for yourself how the so-called indicators are designed to deceive you without giving you even an iota of inkling for years that your are being taken for a ride.

  10. You will understand which all moves in the market are sure shot indicators of the TREND. Normally, it is highly difficult to make out the direction of the market when you play with Stop Losses as your major supports to dilute your losses. Most followers of TA make mistakes in this regard. They always make mistakes whenever the market remains range bound within 100-200 points. We have to learn to be winners in both trending as well as RB periods.

  11.  You will learn the Rules of Divine Grace System that will become the backbone of your trading. These rules are:

  1. 5% Rule: For total possible loss in any trade: To be followed in two tranches.

  2. 25% Distribution Rule: Never to trade unless 25% of volume has been clearly distributed.

  3. 500% Rule: When you know that your investment in Options can give you 300-2000% return in a matter of days.

  4. 30 Point Rule: For sub trends and small-distribution of 20 Lacs. 30 point SL and Target.

  5. Unlimited Profit Rule: When Trend has been clearly recognized or when the big distribution has started.

  6. Traditional DGS Rule One: For those who don’t want to put SLs and who have big capital at their disposal and who want to hit target in each and every trade.

  7. Expiry Day or DRO Trade: A trade that can give a return of around 2000% within a matter of a few hours.

  8. Buy-Sell Rule: When B/S has happened in the market.

  9. Intraday Trading: You will get to know how you can make around half percent of your capital on some days. We advise that you employ a very small amount for this rule as it can be risky at times.

  10. Shining Star Rule: The rule that can give you 1000-2000% profit within a few days.

Have a look at the beautiful image below. Does it tell you anything about your own history in the market? Most traders get into the buy mode at the highest-risk place and are not able to buy at the highest-potential-for-earning place. Ideally, one should be a seller when the whole market is feeling euphoria and a buyer when they are all feeling panicky. In Divine Grace Course, you will learn how to recognize your correct entry and exit points.


Please read all the pages of this website carefully so that you can understand what it requires to be a successful trader. After that, if you have any questions, feel free to send an email.